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Scientific development and production concerning high-tech processing of composite materials


Republic of Belarus, Minsk,

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MPL group LLC is currently engaged into industrial development of the technology, which implies manufacturing of profile products of different cross-sections – solid and closed, rectangular, square, round and annular – reinforced with high-tensile fibers. The following profiles possess high specific strength and stiffness rates, low unit weight, low cost per unit payload, and therefore high competitiveness.

Ecological cleanness of manufactured products, in contrast to composites on thermosetting resins base, as well as practically unlimited possibilities of recycling (processing) after the resource depletion appear to be forcible arguments in favor of reinforced thermoplastics. For these reasons the industrial output and use of the given materials in highly industrialized countries have increased by 8-10% per year in recent decades.

Our technology for manufacturing of specialized products from reinforced thermoplastics includes pultrusionary impregnation of fiberfills by high-viscous melts of thermoplastic polymers and manufacturing of unilaterally reinforced strands and tapes; shaping of profiles directly in line, i.e. under a single-stage scheme, which implies high performance with low specific energy consumption.

Pultrusion technology of manufacturing of fiber composites with polymer matrix appears to be energy-efficient and resource-saving. The official statistics of the Republic of Belarus and Russia it is referred to as an advanced high technology.

According to the specialized directories data, pultrusion technology has been mastered only in a number of technologically advanced countries. As the matrix material, thermosetting epoxy, polyester or vinyl ester resins are mainly used. The products obtained from these polymers are high-priced and non- recyclable.

For economic and environmental reasons the matrix of thermoplastic polymers is more preferable, but due to the high viscosity of melts it is difficult to achieve high productivity and high quality of fiberfills impregnation. According to the analysis of foreign press publications, information obtained from Internet-sites and international exhibitions, foreign companies have mastered the technology of profile products manufacturing using thermoplastic polymers as a matrix, but it should be noted that particular brands of thermoplastics are used. That is the reason why products are high-priced.

The lead to solving the problem – is to choose a proper method of combining components.

The essential distinction between our technology and its foreign analogues is its high flexibility with respect to the components used, the geometry of the cross sections of the derived products and the use of stekloroving, produced in the Republic of Belarus, as a reinforcing filler, the use of polymers of large-scale production as a matrix, including secondary waste products, particularly PET packaging.

Polyethylene terephthalate waste products – are the least deficit polymeric materials, and besides they have a reasonable price. At the same time, PET materials are characterized by rather high strength and good resistance to weather impact. To improve the technological and operational properties of matrical PET, its modification by polymeric and other types of additives, introduced at the stage of plasticization, is provided.

The above-mentioned factors provide rapid adaptation of production to market needs and the possibility of obtaining an extensive range of competitive products.   


Further information on processing and recycling of plastics and polymers, as well as detailed information on pultrusion technology, you may find in section “References”. Whereas in section “Products” you may obtain information on products, manufactured under our technology.



MPL group LLC possesses an opportunity to develop and implement scientific and technological solutions and means of technical equipment to satisfy individual customer needs. The design of construction and manufacturing techniques of specific product development, as well as design and supply of necessary equipment with further delivery, installation, launching and staff training are carried out by agreement with the customer. You may address your specific questions concerning prospective collaboration to e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact us by telephon in Minsk: (+375 17) 298 14 23; (+375 33) 389 32 23; (+375 29) 389 05 05.